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Minoring in Urban Studies adds an understanding of urban life to your course of study.

Understanding the economic, social, cultural, political and spatial phenomena of urban areas, and how they came to be, is essential if one is to thrive in today's world. The Urban Studies minor offers students the opportunity to supplement their education and training with a focus on the problems and potentials of the urban world around us. Eighty percent of Americans live in one of the country's nearly 400 major metropolitan areas. The Urban Studies curriculum begins with an interdisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies and then weaves the multidisciplinary urban offerings into a coherent understanding of urban life.

This highly interdisciplinary minor is a great complement to any degree program. Students who are interested in pursuing a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning are strongly encouraged to consider this field of study.

The minor in Urban Studies consists of 15 credit hours.

Core Courses - 9 Hours

PAD 3003 Introduction to Public Administration
URP 4052 Urban and Regional Planning
URS 3002 Introduction to Urban Studies

Elective Courses - 6 Hours

AMH 3530 Immigration History
ANT 4442 Urban Life and Culture
ARC 4784 The City
CCJ 3014 Crime and Justice in America
PAD 4930 Selected Topics in Public Administration and Public Policy
PUP 4002 Public Policy
SOW 3210 The American Social Welfare System
SYD 4410 Urban Sociology
SYD 4411 Urban Life
URP 4050 City Planning and Community Development
URS 4930 Special Topics in Urban Studies

Course Grade Requirement

Only courses in which a grade of "C-" or better is attained will count toward the minimum hours.

Residency Requirement

A minor in Public Administration consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours, at least 12 of which must be USF credits.

Contact: Diane Verrill, School of Public Affairs,


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